Are you covered for your Glass?

Whether you are the owner of a shop, hotel, a catering establishment or a landlord, one of the additional covers you should have on your basic policy is for fixed glass and sanitary fittings, including sinks, showers and toilets – the fixed contents of any bathroom, and staffrooms.

Most buildings contain fixed sanitary ware but some commercial property insurance does not include these in the cover. In the case of an accident or damage, the cost of fixing a cracked bath, for example, can be expensive.

If you are the owner of a shop, it is possible that at some time you will have to replace the front glass window because of vandalism or accidental damage – the cost of glass is sometimes not as much as the cost of emergency glazing! The police will call someone out to board up the place if necessary, and the glazing company will charge more at night, on bank holidays etc – all times when the place is empty. Do not underestimate the cover limit you need! You do not want to over insure, but you do need to have enough cover – some good policies have an unlimited amount for glass cover. Installing shutters may protect your glass overnight and lower your premiums.

Depending on how many rooms your hotel has, what size or how many windows on your shop front, just think about how much it would cost to replace the windows, sinks and toilets in your building, adding on enough to give a little leeway, then take time to talk to your insurance broker to find out if you have enough cover. It is pointless to discover too late that you are not properly insured – be prepared!