Practical Steps To Protect Your Property

The better weather is now with us and the rate of burglaries will be rising as we begin to be careless about leaving our properties open and unprotected. Unoccupied or not, look after your security and you won’t have to make a claim on your insurance. Burglary is a serious issue – a burglary occurs every 45 seconds in the UK.

Relevant to every householder, whether your property is small or large. Obviously you need to get the right insurance, but also take reasonable steps to protect your property.

Typically a burglar spends about 45 minutes assessing a property, and 3 minutes to break in. Below are some practical ideas that are common sense but may make the difference between a burglar contemplating your property as a possible burglary site, or looking for an easier option.

  • put gravel in your front garden and around our house – it is very noisy
  • use trellis or plants under windows to deter intruders
  • lock ladders away
  • make your home look occupied
  • don’t leave a key under the mat, in a flowerpot, or elsewhere outside
  • move wheelie bins or other items that a burglar could stand on to reach a window
  • install security lighting
  • put lights on a timer if you are out or away
  • alarm any outbuildings
  • if you go away, don’t advertise the fact on social media
  • keep any valuables out of sight from the outside
  • keep hedges low so nobody can hide behind them
  • put bolts or locks on gates

We CAN beat the burglars, and keep the cost of insurance down!