Property Insurance

Whether you are private investor with a single property or a large investment concern, we can tailor your property insurance to suit your budget and requirements.

Property insurance protects your business property from the risks of fire, break-in and certain weather damage. It protects every type of building – factories, shops, office blocks, residential buildings, unoccupied properties. It also covers buildings constructed of non-standard materials and properties at high risk of flooding or subsidence.

Why you should consider it:

  • Provides essential protection for your key financial assets
  • Meets the requirements of mortgage lenders or other financial loan providers
  • Provides peace-of-mind security

Policy features can include:

  • The loss of, or damage to the fabric of the building, outbuildings and annexes, communal areas.
  • Loss of, or damage to fixtures and fittings, glass, cables and underground pipework (including trace and access damage)
  • Your liabilities in terms of employee or public use of the building, or arising from accidents caused to others while you have ownership of the property
  • Loss of rent or the cost of alternative accommodation if your property is rendered unfit for occupation
  • Incurred legal expenses

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