Storms Strike At Businesses

Disaster has struck many homes and businesses in the last month in the form of storms and floods, and many business owners and home owners have found that making a claim can be very stressful. It is vital that your policy has enough protection to cover the cost of rebuilding, replacing contents, covering fees and covering the fact of business disruption.

Many businesses are underinsured in the case of having to cease trading temporarily, and owners need to use an insurance broker who can guide them through the correct paperwork to present a claim in the right format in order to speed along the process of settling with as little delay as possible.

An experienced team will not only give advice from the first claim to the final settlement, but will get to know you and your problems, relieving your stress and giving you peace of mind.

Regency Commercial Insurance Brokers work in the client’s best interests, helping them through this stressful time with a sympathetic ear but also with professionalism to get the job done quickly. For a review of your current portfolio, please contact us.